Tell Your Story Walking 2021

About Us

Tell Your Story Walking is a collection of creative work by Syracuse University honors students and alumni, curated by current honors students.

We connect our community by providing a platform for creative nonfiction, visual art, and multimedia to give a voice to individual experiences and perspectives.

Tell Your Story Walking is published annually on this website and as a print magazine. Learn more about the debut 2020 collection in this Daily Orange story.

Staff 2021

Lily Braden (she/her)
Arts & Sciences, School of Education ‘23

Kate Brennan (she/her)
Newhouse ’22
Managing Editor

Dakota Chambers (she/her)
Newhouse, Arts & Sciences ‘22
Copy Chief

Alexandra Hodge (she/her)
Newhouse, iSchool ‘24
Design Director

Jenna Lee (she/her)
Arts & Sciences ‘23
Art Editor

Odelia Lalehzarian (she/her)
Arts & Sciences ‘21
Marketing Director

Tasfia Sultana (she/her)
College of Engineering & Computer Science ‘24
Web Designer

Dorbor Tarley (she/her)
Falk ‘21
Multimedia Editor

Alaina Triantafilledes (she/her)
Arts & Sciences ‘24

Mel Wilder (she/her)
iSchool ‘24

Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers