The Bubble Pops

By Anika Carlson

I live in a little bubble of strangers who all say hello to each other in the street and put up signs of acceptance and love in their yards.


Phantom Cat

By Marissa Solomon

Owl eyes that never blink and heavy paws that thump forevermore down
the stairs.


A Phantom Body

By Ash Alexander

The beginning of a new era through the lens of acceptance of oneself while struggling with understanding who you are.


I Think He’s Lonely

By Lilianna Smith

To this day, even when I don’t utter a word to him, he supports my dreams. I don’t think I even realize the depth of my own selfishness. Am I a monster?


The Concerts Are Canceled

By Julia Catalano

In three years, when we’re at Syracuse and forced to say goodbye again, the concerts will be canceled. But we don’t know this yet.



By Rachel Reeser

It was a beautiful day to celebrate.


6:47 AM

By Kate Brennan

In six hours, this same sun will wash over balconies and iron tables for coffee cups, ashtrays, and croissant flakes to bake in its warmth.


Missing You

By Giovanna Veiga

“I miss you too,” I say to an empty room. But if I reach, out I can feel the scruff lining his jaw, the dip in his chin, the crease at the tip of his nose, all my favorite parts of him.


“Kamsahamnida” and the Moo Moo Lady

By Shiharu Yamashita

We’ve had this conversation before—about Halsey Middle School, about how I’m not Korean—but really I wonder if she has any relatives and is lonely.


American Holiday

By Emily Kelleher

How leaving home made me feel the weight of where I came from.


The Bradford Pear Tree

By Giovanna Veiga

I run outside barefoot to see the Bradford pear tree that we planted ten years ago lying across the front yard, ripped apart by the wind.