An Industry in Turmoil

By Andrew Crane

I was cruising along I-90 West towards Buffalo, the clock nearing 11 PM, the dark thruway virtually empty and the trunk filled with everything from my dorm room I could fit. Everything started to click. The day was March 12. I had sat inside Booth Hall, at my dorm room desk, and posted what seemed like five news articles that day. Developments kept breaking: the canceled
ACC men’s basketball tournament, the postponed NCAA tournament’s, the suspended winter and spring sports seasons.

I had been sucked up in the moment of posting stories, reading and editing as an assistant sports editor at The Daily Orange, without considering the monumental impacts of the
coronavirus—the reason my trunk was filled and the reason spring break never ended that semester . I was originally supposed to travel to Rutgers that weekend and cover a men’s lacrosse game, to Duke the weekend after, to Virginia, Albany, Hamilton before the season ended. Instead, I spent those weekends at home, behind a computer screen at my kitchen table,
wondering what this industry will look like after everything has passed.

Andrew is a junior magazine journalism major at Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Public Communications. He’s a sportswriter at The Daily Orange, where he was sports editor during the fall semester.