Bottom Shelf Rosé

By Daisy Leepson

We all deserve a little TLC. In this case, it’s drinking bottom shelf rosé from Hannah Montana paper cups with Margo and Julia in Prospect Park, Summer 2020. We cry, lying on our cotton picnic blanket, listening to Cherry by Harry Styles, and giggle thinking back to the nutcases we were in high school. We reminisce on the carefree spirit we had at the annual Music Midtown festival where pouring vodka into everyday disguisable objects felt matter of fact. Julia says to me “I can’t imagine doing what we did then, now.” We may be miles apart now, but it’s as if things have never changed, and we are back to our old selves–like our bottom shelf rosé.

Daisy Leepson is a sophomore majoring in magazine journalism and information management and technology at Syracuse University. With a passion for cooking and food systems, Daisy enjoys telling the stories of the people behind the plate.