The Return of My Wii

By Daniel Horan

The Wii had an inch of dust from having been untouched in the basement closet for eight years. But I plugged it in as my mom, my two sisters, and sister’s boyfriend—a German international student quarantining with us— gathered eagerly in the living room. The Wii’s startup sound played a melody of bright tones that took me back to the feeling of finished math homework on weeknights in elementary school.

There was only one game we could’ve resurrected to entertain ourselves during this newly mandated stay-at-home period: Just Dance! 2. My sisters, Megan and Bridget, made their best attempt to recall the Rasputin dance moves, flailing their hands in the air while my mom, glass of wine in hand, laughed hysterically at their painfully lousy rendition.

I finally cracked open the case and popped out the game. I’m sure that shiny little disk never thought it would get the chance to see the light of day again. But I never thought I’d have to disinfect the Fruit Loops box when my mom arrived home from the grocery store, either.

Daniel is a second-year architecture major from just outside Philadelphia, with hopes to pursue a career in the field of design. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with friends and exploring all kinds of music and art.