Share a Smile

By Daisy Leepson

Today people often become too self-involved in their phones that they forget to pay attention to the world around them. A moment that will later become a lasting memory could be happening right now, so look up and pay attention to those around you.

This picture was taken on a bus in Copenhagen, Denmark, in the winter of 2018. My camera was out, and as I played with it my friend Rachel turned around to speak to me. Without really thinking, I quickly hit the capture button and snapped a photo as she looked back at me. Candid moments like this live on forever with photography. It is photos like these that can truly transport you back to those special moments in time, so appreciate the little things in life because they might become unforgettable memories.

Daisy Leepson is a sophomore majoring in magazine journalism and information management and technology at Syracuse University. With a passion for cooking and food systems, Daisy enjoys telling the stories of the people behind the plate.