Thornden park

Photographed by Daisy Leepson

There’s something so freeing about just being goofy with friends and pushing your nearly-due essay off for another day. It’s the little moments like these that have shown me the value of relationships and have helped me appreciate where I am at in my life. It could be watching TV with my mom or simply sitting through a typical lecture. Regardless, finding the value in these seemingly trivial moments has allowed me to not feel so stuck in this time of chaos. Going to the park to simply distract myself through a random photoshoot turned into a moment where I truly felt grateful for the people in my life and the position that I’m currently in.

Daisy Leepson is a sophomore majoring in magazine journalism and information management and technology at Syracuse University. With a passion for cooking and food systems, Daisy enjoys telling the stories of the people behind the plate.