Two hundred ninety-one days of heartache that I leave behind as I run away from the crossfire. Dodging bullets and taking blows, our love was a war zone straight out of hell. You camouflaged your intentions with hidden secrets and private affairs, leaving me at a standstill without any defense. Yet still, through the battlecries I march on until we both surrender, crashing into the sea, with no hope in sight. We fought on the frontlines, losing a small bit of ourselves day by day, minute by minute, second by second. Here’s to two hundred ninety-one days of heartache that I remember every time I lay my head down at night.

Hannah Meyer is a sophomore Communication & Rhetorical Studies student at Syracuse University. She wrote her first poetry anthology Here Lies My Shattered Heart her senior year of high school and is excited for more of her work to be featured in Tell Your Story Walking.