milestones in life


This oil pastel piece depicts the moment in which my mother became a Citizen of the United States. For my mother and I, having our Christmas tree up all year long has become somewhat of a special tradition. Ever since we moved to the United States, we’ve never taken down our Christmas tree, as it symbolizes Christmas waiting for the day our family is able to reunite as a whole to celebrate one of our most precious festivities. It is basically Christmas every day in my household! This piece depicts the moment in which my mother gently placed the U.S. flag she was given at her Naturalization Ceremony, on the Christmas tree, commemorating the conclusion of a seven-year long journey, becoming one of the many memories kept on our Christmas tree.

Ivonne Millan is a freshman majoring in Psychology and Social Work. She was born in Colombia and lived in New Jersey for more than 7 years. She is passionate about making art, writing, filmmaking and film appreciation. She wanted to submit her artwork because she wanted to share my story with others, providing a diverse perspective.