My Angel / My Devil


My Angel 

my cool sheets touch our backs

as we lay in my bed, panting. 

i turn over to gaze 

at your mesmerizing eyes.

i love how much i love you, 

your sweet smile 

and smirking eyes. 

this moment feels like forever. 

you don’t move,

laying in bed, 

playing with my hair, 

leaving kisses 

up and down my body. 

you look into my eyes, 

instigating it is time for us to go to sleep. 

you kiss me goodnight, 

telling me how much you love me. 

i often wonder how i got so lucky. 

meeting you out of the blue, 

now craving to see you 

every day and night. 

hoping we will last forever, 

that we’ll both love each other 

for eternity. 

i place your shirt over my bare body, 

and your arm engulfs me so, 

protecting me as i go to sleep, 

with you by my side. 

goodnight z, 

i’ll see you again tomorrow morning.

i love you. 

My Devil 

your cool sheets touch our backs

as we lay in your bed, panting. 

i turn over to gaze

at your mesmerizing eyes. 

i hate how much I love you, 

your devilish grin 

and smirking eyes. 

i wish this moment could last forever. 

you immediately saunter 

out of bed, 

stretching your clothes 

over your body,

instigating it is time for me to go. 

you kiss me goodbye, 

not out of love and affection for me, 

but to satisfy your craving 

for human touch. 

i often wonder why i do this to myself.

coming over, same time and place,

practicing our perfect intimate routine,

hoping one day it would change, 

that you’d be just as in love with me 

as i am you.

i put my clothes back on,

wishing they were yours. 

i creep out of your bed, 

ready to go lay in mine, 

without you. 

goodbye x, 

i’ll see you again 

tomorrow night. 

same time and place?

Odelia Lalehzarian is a senior studying Political Philosophy and Communications and Rhetorical Studies on the Pre-Law Track. Outside of her studies, she is involved with several Jewish organizations as well as cooking and swimming.