My “Little” Older Brother


I am 20 years old and I am my 25-year-old brother’s “older” sister. I cook him breakfast, lunch, and dinner, help him get dressed, assist him in brushing his teeth, and put on the TV shows he wants to watch—even if it means watching the same Spongebob episode for the hundredth time. As I stand in the kitchen calling his name to tell him dinner’s ready, I look forward to hearing his twisted tongue exclaiming, “Oh! Tenk you Jenna!”. In that moment that he thanks me, all my worries wash away. The assignment due at midnight that I am stressed about leaves my mind for a second. The pots and pans I have to wash after cooking his food don’t seem like such a hassle anymore. The hundreds of times he knocks on my door to play don’t seem to bother me anymore. He makes everything worth it. Even though he is older in age, I see him as my little brother who I want to take care of and protect at all costs. His differences and little quirks make him so extraordinary, and I love every little thing that makes him unique. My “little” older brother was born with a gift: an extra chromosome. 

Jenna Lee is a junior studying Biochemistry on a Pre-Dental track. Outside of class, she can be found getting involved in a variety of student organizations, especially with her sorority hosting cultural events and doing volunteer work.