We Are Here, Again


I take the new and improved spoon they laid down on the table and cut into the mango pancake in front of me. As the bite melts completely in my mouth, I look up at him and can’t help but smile. I can’t believe we are here again. For the first twenty minutes, we take turns laughing about the changes. The grass entrance has been replaced with a plain beige wall. The soft-as-clouds seats have been replaced with hard wooden benches. The brightly lit lights are now dimmed so that I can barely see the place. The food portions definitely got smaller and the bowls and spoons are not the same anymore.

It has been a year and a half; our place has completely changed, just like we have. Although it looks so unrecognizable, it feels the same in his presence. As he reaches his hand out for mine, I stop breathing for a second and my hands lock into his. Each finger rests perfectly the way it used to. As we sit in a modified version of our favorite spot, everything between us remains unchanged.

Tasfia Sultana is a sophomore studying computer science in the College of Engineering and Computer Science. On campus, she is involved with Innovate Orange (marketing), ECS Excelerators, Honors Advisory Board, Girls Who Code, and the WellsLink Leadership Program. During her free time she likes to paint and explore new places.