Drawing You


This piece of art assisted me in overcoming my own artist’s block. Because an artist’s body of work is usually more recognizable than the artist themselves, I wanted to create something that captured what it would look like if the viewer were a work of art, and I (the artist) was creating you. I wanted to push the limits of what is considered art because it is impossible to look at this piece and not think of the person who worked hard to make it; I felt it was important to include my own artistic journey in this piece to demonstrate the difficulty of the creative process.

Bailee is currently a senior sociology student with minors in psychology and painting. She enjoys figurative or portrait art, such as painting, drawing, and sculpture. She has had her work shown at Walt Disney Concert Hall, published in Applied Art Magazine, won multiple awards at different shows, and is currently a contributor to Perception magazine on campus. Bailee is a voracious reader who enjoys thrillers and murder mysteries in her spare time.