From: An Introvert To: Everyone and No One 

By Chidera Olalere

I don’t try to come off as intimidating

And I’m sorry if I do

The truth is my experiences have taught me that it’s better to observe before I move

It would be easy to spill my heart and tell people my stories

But how can I trust that what I say stays here, if I’ve heard other “confidential” details in all their glory?

I don’t think it’s fair to wait for them to be introduced

I know it’s my job to ask how they’re feeling too

I know they’re allowed to have friends that do not know me

I know they’re allowed to have experiences that they do not want to show me

I know that God provides and that there are so many people I probably haven’t considered befriending 

I know that when I keep to myself, it looks like I don’t need companions

But all this knowledge doesn’t change the fact

That I would like to have someone that would listen to me rant

I’m human as well and would like someone to chat with

Someone who helps hold me up but can also nudge me to the side and tell me to get over it 

A friend I can laugh with and feel just as comfortable crying with

A friend with that I would willingly have all the awkward confrontations with

Someone who I can confide in without having to worry about privacy

Someone who venting to doesn’t seem like gossiping

A friend who promises and actually delivers

A person who, just like me, is working on being a better person

I don’t like to impose myself on people and so I’m not a fan of imposing people 

I try to keep away from the crowd because the noise makes me want to shelter 

So I won’t necessarily be the one who’s up in your face

I don’t always say what I feel because I try to mean what I say

To all the introverts out there, I understand your pain

There is so much I wish I could just do and yet I find myself more comfortable writing away

But maybe it might help those on the other side understand that being quiet does not mean that we’re aloof

I don’t believe we’re stuck in one personality and I won’t use “introvert” as an excuse

I’m working on this, I’m still figuring out my personality

But to all those who could never relate, I hope you can be a bit more patient with me.

Chidera Olalere is a freshman biochemistry major on a pre-med track, an SULC tutor, and an Honors student. She is a lover of music, a soccer enthusiast, and an avid reader.