No Sugar in My Tea

BY  Simone Bellot

She dipped the tip of her nail bed into a saucer 
And swirled the liquid that spilt over from the cup of shitty tea 
That just kept pouring and pouring and pouring and pouring and pouring And no one thought to say girl, stop. 

To be quite frank I did it to myself 
I poured the shitty tea with 1 cube and not 2 cause
I crave intelligence even if it’s inaccessible, 
I crave education even if it’s not entertaining, 
And I cannot 
Will not fail ’cause I don’t really need to feel fulfilled

If I’m honest 
I want to marry rich and write children’s books
Raise four kids and two dogs 

I’m almost 20 so I fear it’s got the best of me 
But I hope it’s not late for the next 
What if I told you that education can be entertaining?
And intelligence can be accessible, 
And you don’t have to be a failure to feel fulfilled? 
See I don’t believe it just yet, 
But I sincerely hope you do 
So add two cubes not one

Simone Bellot is a senior, double majoring in neuroscience and communication sciences and disorders. She enjoys writing poetry, personal essays and children’s fiction. In her free time, Simone enjoys shopping, acting, and planning outfits.