Portrait From Memory


Creating art on an Etch a Sketch is unique as compared to other art form processes due to the lack of ability to erase small portions to revise—you must either erase all or accept what is there. Though concentration and coordination are both important, flexibility in understanding what the final image will be is critical to being happy with the outcome. As a major perfectionist, I have come to enjoy working on an Etch a Sketch because it challenges me to let go of my expectations and embrace mistakes.

I worked on this picture without using a reference photo but simply having a friend of mine in mind. I knew that if I used a picture, I would get caught up in the minor details and imperfections in my recreation. Working from only my mind allowed me to embrace the journey and not the outcome. While still recognizable, it came together in a way that was not exact or perfect. This reflects our friendship. It is because I worried about how attending different universities would alter our relationship, and I know that when we have reunited again, the changes in our lives make a new picture in the end.

Heleina Cicero is a first-year Environment, Sustainability, and Policy major on the pre-law track. Combining a love for earth sciences and law, she plans to be an environmental lawyer. In her free time, Heleina enjoys running, cooking, reading, and going on trips with the Syracuse University Outing Club.