Melting Heart


This piece is about being open to new connections and friendships. The walls we place around ourselves do not allow growth, so opening up has a warming effect that welcomes new life. Bluebells represent gratitude, and as shown in the painting, they grow when acts of kindness melt the walls of ice. I like to have an outlook on new friendships in the same way. There is so much to learn from others, so it’s important to approach them and their new perspectives with an open mind. I am always grateful and warmed by the kindness of others, and therefore I am inspired to reach out more.

Heleina Cicero is a first-year Environment, Sustainability, and Policy major on the pre-law track. Combining a love for earth sciences and law, she plans to be an environmental lawyer. In her free time, Heleina enjoys running, cooking, reading, and going on trips with the Syracuse University Outing Club.