we are far too tangled to turn into strangers. 

if you get too close to another person,

to another soul 

so close you feel cosmically intertwined

so close that you skydive into the soul, 

we are far too fused to grow foreign 

we are far too embedded to feel lonely 

in our aloneness 

I will wipe our blood on every 

poem I write 

in every story I craft, 

find your name in the subtleties  

please, tiptoe too close 

tie cherry stem knots 

in my heart 

weave in and out  

of my little life  

bury yourself in my corners 

profound human connection

forms new language from scratch

giving life to a new energy

that could never be destroyed 

a part of us will always remain


through our bondage  

and peaceful sleeps 

late night talks into 

indigo skies, 

in every person I love after you 

you will be loving them too 

your footprints 

all over my bones 

your tracks  

run so deep in my flesh 

I can still feel your air 

in my lungs

Audrey Weisburd is a sophomore majoring in television, radio, and film with a creative writing minor. Storytelling is her greatest passion, through films, songs, poetry, and conversations. She loves cats, dancing, music, and trying to capture the most honest beauty of the world. She is from Austin Texas and has career goals in screenwriting and journalism, but she plans to continue her poetry for her entire life.