Transparently Me


I’ve never known a life without cancer, I’ve never had normal vision, and I had to grow up living a life of difficult choices, but ultimately it made me who I am.

This collection was a challenge, as it has taken me many years to reach a point in my art and my comfortability with putting my story out there, to create what you are seeing right now. I still find it difficult to observe my work and not get emotional. Making sure each photo doesn’t look staged or forced was crucial; every emotion, and every element has real meaning. Nothing fake was put into frame to invoke more significance as I inserted light with purpose, either to attract as much attention as possible in one specific part of the picture or help the eye do so in another way. My goal was to bring out the strongest narrative in each piece, and to make sure there wasn’t any confusion about the way I felt, or about the significance of what the object in the frame meant to me.

This collection is my attempt to share what I have experienced, in a personal way, with everyone. I want viewers to see this and gain some understanding of my life’s journey.

Nick Trivelpiece is a first-year Art Photography student in VPA. He enjoys going on walks, spending time with family and friends, and playing golf, but his true passion lies with his photography. Nick is also eager to volunteer whenever he can, and help those who need it most within his community.