Social Cues in a Pandemic

By Emily Diamond

The first week of school. A phrase I have been waiting to hear since March. It’s been ages since I have had any connection with people that wasn’t through social media. Nerves and excitement run through my body as I walk on campus for the first time in months, taking in all the beauty of Syracuse University that I missed for the past six months. I watch the birds fly in
sync off of the Hall of Languages and over what seems to be the never-ending construction of the Schine Student Center. I see the incredible view that every student has witnessed one time or another on the famous Promenade.

“Emily?” I hear a group of my friends yell with an excited voice.

“Oh my gosh!” I scream with the most enthusiasm I have had in months. I throw my arms into the air while my head is tilted and my eyes are all lit up, but I don’t move. They walk towards me, confused as to why I am just standing there like that. Then I remember they can’t see my smile under my mask.

Emily Diamond is a political science major with a focus in law and courts, from right outside of Boston, Massachusetts. She is interested in going to law school when she graduates. For fun, she likes to exercise and spend time with friends!