Big Beary


I run downstairs and immediately squeal with excitement. Balloons cover the floor, pretty lights hang on the ceiling, and everything is shiny. 

All of this, just for me! 

I look around the room, wondering where my gifts are, and I lock eyes with the biggest teddy bear I’ve ever seen. I give him a hug and I know he is my best friend.

“I think I’ll call you Big Beary.” 

Sometimes I still think of this day. The immense joy I had. The nonexistent worries I had. The love I had. I look at this picture and think to myself how happy this little girl looks. 

As I sit and think, worry starts to rush to my brain and reality sets in. There’s so much I still have to get done today — homework, projects, quizzes, practice. I can’t pause, even for a moment. 

Why did I ever want to grow up?

Mel Wilder is a sophomore studying Information Technology and Policy Studies. She also loves being involved around campus. She is a Daily Orange Columnist, a student-athlete, and is involved in Greek life. Her favorite thing to do in her free time is create.