Summer evenings in indiana


All of these photos were taken in locations I grew up in and the way I think of summer in Indiana. The first photo (Lacey 1) is a backroad close to the home I grew up in, it’s a road that I’ve memorized due to how many times I’ve been on it. During the summer, my sister and I like to go for drives until dark. (Lacey 2) is of my brother’s Simmental calf, named Panda, who currently lives on his farm. (Lacey 3) This is the lake my parents currently live on. On summer evenings, I sit out on the dock and take photos for as long as I can. (Lacey 4) This is a photo taken of my brother’s cattle. During the summer, my sister aids on the farm, and I love watching and attempting to help as well. (Lacey 5 and 6) These photos are also of my brother’s farm much like the rest. This is one of the famous red barns that is somewhat typical for farms. This to me is what summer is about: farm work and sunsets. Sometimes after a light rain we can catch a rainbow in the perfect position.

Lacey Kenworthy is from Indiana and majoring in Political Science. She wanted to submit to TYSW because she never had an opportunity to share her photos with anyone, where they mostly just reside on phone. She took this opportunity to show where she’s from to people who have never been there before, and present to everyone how simple yet beautiful it is. She finds that most people never go to Indiana in their lifetimes, so she wanted to show the peacefulness especially when in a place like college with stress and a fast paced lifestyle.