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Not sure what to write or where to start? No problem!

There are many different forms of creative nonfiction for you to choose from. If you want to write something for the anthology but you don’t know where to start, here is a list of different kinds of storytelling you could use:

  • Memoir: writing from a memory; exploration of a memory with vivid detail, connecting several experiences into their writing

Ex: The Concerts are Canceled by Julia Catano

  • Literary Journalism: personal connection and use of literary devices into the process of reporting an event

Ex: Marrakech by George Orwell

  • The Braided Essay: interweaving several connections into one collective piece, relating to one central topic; strands echo one another


  • Idea Essay: expression of ideas; writing that explores a given idea using details and personal accounts
  • Lyric Essay: less emphasis on the traditional writing structure, but focuses on fragmentation and imagery

Ex: A Phantom Body by Ash Alexander

  • Flash Nonfiction: illumination of a specific topic in a brief essay; focuses heavily on the details of an account

Ex: snapshots 

  • Micro Essay: more brief than the flash nonfiction – compression of words and idea into small statements

Ex: six-word memoirs such as: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” (Ernest Hemingway)

  • Hermit Crab Essay: using another form of writing (description of a recipe, format of a test, instructional guide) to retell or engage into a greater topic

Ex: Math 1619 by Gwendolyn Wallace

  • Collage essay: a collection of fragmented images and memories carefully arranged to tell a story

Ex: Because, the Ferguson Verdict by Ira Sukrungruang 

If you’re still a little confused, that’s okay! Here are some more links on creative nonfiction that might help you.

Source: Miller, B., & Paola, S. (2012). Tell it slant: Creating, refining, and publishing creative nonfiction.