Liuyang River

Performance By Viola Wai

 When the wind blows, the water surface of the Liuyang River is cut by stones. People singing happily along the river…

Each time I walk into the light, I can feel epinephrine flowing in my veins. My guzheng is sitting in the middle of the stage, waiting patiently and elegantly for me to perform with.

Guzheng, a traditional Chinese musical instrument, is close to my heart. “Liuyang River”, is a Chinese folk song that has helped me to build my lifelong relationship with the guzheng. 

Seven years ago, I accidentally fell in love with the guzheng. When the strings vibrated, I heard the wind blowing and the water flowing.  I insisted on purchasing one with my own savings, despite the opposition of my entire family. After a year of self-teaching, I attended my first competition with the guzheng and I played “Liuyang River”. Since then, the song has become incredibly meaningful to me.

Years later, I brought my guzheng from China to America and performed “Liuyang River” in the Goldstein Auditorium at Syracuse University. I still felt excited when I was preparing and performing after years of playing. I will continue to bring my guzheng with me, to share my passions and the beauty of Chinese culture with the world.

Viola Wai is a Public Relations and Communication and Rhetorical Studies major. She is an international culture promoter. She and her guzheng received the first place in competitions like Youth Olympic Music Festival and Global Youth Talent Expo.