Something Good

Song By Katarina Kelly

I wrote this song after catching myself filling in the blanks about people in my life that I didn’t know that well. I realized I was giving them qualities in my own mind just so I could feel less like a stranger when I really knew very little about them. This thought became the lyric “painting faces to call this place my own” and from there I started to write. The song ended up being about existing in some kind of transitional period. For me, it’s about being stuck between knowing deep down that I am meant to accomplish something and feeling afraid that I am not good enough. So, I guess in that way it’s a tug-of-war between imposter syndrome and really knowing in my bones who I am. It became overcoming fear to find and actually enjoy that “something good.” Progress and growth are never linear and it sucks, so I wanted this song to reflect the truth of that, while still leaving some hope to be had.

Katarina Kelly is a senior musical theatre major. She is also a cat lover and a Fiona Apple and Ben Folds enthusiast.