This portrait represents the success my grandmother would one day achieve through education. Although life had a different path for her and she was unable to fulfill her aspiration of obtaining a college education, this piece reflects upon her sacrifices, which allowed her children to achieve their dreams and her grandchildren to be amongst the first in the family to obtain a college education. This piece of artwork reflects upon how our dreams can evolve over time and, although not fulfilled as we expected, through hard work and sacrifice we can live up to our dreams.

Ivonne Millan is a sophomore from Colombia majoring in psychology at the College of Arts & Sciences. Currently, she works as the Resident Advisor for the upper-class Multicultural Living Learning Community at Watson Hall and as a SOURCE Undergraduate Research Assistant for Falk College Social Work Division. In Ivonne’s free time, she enjoys photography. She also likes to explore different art mediums to tell her family’s story and to convey how such stories have shaped her into the person she is today.